Spiral Tag Cloud

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Due to the way how the plugin determines the remaining space, the tag cloud always starts with the largest tags (i.e. descending order by post count). The tags on the right side or often cut.

Finding the right values depends on many factors, such as post count, the difference between popular and average or unpopular tags, the amount of tags for each group of tags according to their post counts and the like. It will often be necessary that you fine-tune the available parameters manually until you achieve the desired result.

Parameters below are displayed with formatting. When you copy & paste them into your editor, make sure that no formatting is copied over and that double quotes (“) don’t appear formatted (curly or tilted). It is recommended to switch the editor from “Visual” to “Text” before pasting and to re-type all quotes.




[creative_spiral_tag_cloud number=40 separator="|" taxonomy="post_tag,product_tag" smallest=12 largest=32 color=1]


  • div_id: ID of the enclosing div for custom styling. By default empty.
  • taxonomy: Comma-separated list of taxonomy to use. Default is “post_tag”.
  • amount: Maximum amount of tags to display. Default is 40. The amount is also limited by how many tags fit into the coil.
  • width: Width of the container. Default is 100%. Enter the number with the unit sign, such as px or %.
  • height: Height of the container. Default is 500px. Enter the number with the unit sign, such as px or %.
  • margin_left: Margin left of each tag and separator. Default is 5. The unit defaults to px.
  • separator: Optional separator between the tags. Default is empty.
  • smallest: Font-size in pt of the smallest tags.
  • largest: Font-size in pt of the largest tags.
  • line_height_factor : Distance between cycles (rounds). Good values are 0.8 – 1.5. Default is 1.
  • reduce_factor : How much the spiral should become tighter towards the center. Good values are 1 – 10. Default is 1.
  • direction: CW (clockwise) or CCW (counterclockwise). The default is CCW.
  • start: Where the largest tag will start. Values can be “top”, “bottom”, “left”, “right” or a number from 0 to 2π (π is about 3.1415). Default is “top”.
  • cycles: Number of cycles (round). This parameter is only approximate, since the available space and the font size may allow only less cycles. The default is “auto”, meaning that the plugin tries to guess a good value in order to fit all words. You can also use “size” to try to fit it by the available space. Or try a number – good values are 4 – 10.
  • custom_title: Custom title shown as tooltip when hovering the mouse over a tag. No HTML, but you can use {count} and {description} as placeholders. Example: “This tag was used {count} times.”. Default: empty (using description and tag count)
  • color: Whether to use color (=1) or not (=0, default) for different post counts. The colors are set in a style sheet (CSS) by the classes .cm-tag-cloud-color-1, .cm-tag-cloud-color-2, and so on. The numbers correspond to the sequential order of the groups of tags with the same post count. The plugin comes with a sample set of colors. Find more details here.