Shortcodes and Widgets

Insert the tag clouds with a shortcode or a widget. The output of shortcodes and widgets is exactly the same. The main difference is that widgets are easier to configure – you just fill in the fields of and press “Save”. Widgets, however, can only be used in widget areas that are pre-defined by your theme or by special plugins. Shortcodes can be used in pages, posts, and often also in text widgets.


screenshot of the widget

You find the widgets under Appearance → Widgets as “Creative Spiral Cloud” and “Creative Wave Cloud”. The parameters are the same as described for the shortcodes.


Shortcodes are something like placeholders. You add them into the text of a post or page and they will be replaced in the output with something different, depending on the code you use. Shortcodes are enclosed by square bracket and they start with a shortcode’s specific name, followed by optional parameters. Parameters can be numbers or words, and they look like size=12, button=large or title=”Hello there!” (Enclosed in single or double quotes because otherwise the space and everything following would not be included.).

This plugin comes with two shortcodes. One of them produces the spiral tag cloud, the second one the wave tag cloud:


Parameters are documented here.

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