Customizing the Color Scheme

Customizing the color scheme requires basic CSS knowledge. You can either create a file styling or use the CSS input field in the WordPress Customizer on your site.

The easiest way how to choose your own sets of colors is to create a folder “chatty-mango” inside your blog’s “wp-content/uploads/” folder (if it doesn’t already exist) and copy there the file “creative-tag-cloud-color.css” that you find in the folder “/public/css/” of this plugin. Now go to this new file at “wp-content/uploads/creative-tag-cloud-color.css” and edit it with a text editor that doesn’t add any formatting.

The text is rendered as SVG text (or tspan) elements. That means that many forms of styling are applicable, but not all. If you want to change a color, simply edit the value after “fill: “. (The key word “color” won’t work here.)

The class names are numbered in the sequence of tag sizes, from largest to smallest. For example, the tags that is used with 20 posts has the index 1, the second popular tag, which is used for 15 posts, has the index 2, and so on. That way, there are no gaps in the sequence.


.creative-tag-cloud-color-1 {
 fill: #dc6900;
.creative-tag-cloud-color-2 {
 fill: #eb8c00;

and so on.