Why You Should Only Use Code That You Can Trust

Maybe you reached this page because you followed a link from a site where somebody offered a “nulled” version of my plugin.

An unknown person offers you a paid product for free. It sounds like the deal of your dreams. But usually life is not that easy.

  • Legal aspects: Please be aware that “nulled” versions are offered without permission. They use the plugin’s name, logo, images, texts etc. illegally and you will not be able to install it on a public website.
  • Protect your site from hackers: People who violate terms don’t do it because they want to help others. You can be sure, if they don’t mind stealing from plugin authors, they also have no problem to do harm to you. When they remove the licensing mechanism, they usually also add a “backdoor” (some hidden code) that lets them take control of your site to steal passwords, install viruses, display advertising or use your site as a base for other activities.
    It’s very simple: These people want to make money. No idealism. No freedom fighters. No Robin Hoods.
  • Get support: With a legal copy you can be sure to receive regular updates and support. You even receive great support for the (really) free version.
  • Support the one who deserves it: Lastly, on a personal note: I am not a big company with huge sales. On the contrary, I am a freelancer who is struggling to grow my business so that it helps me make a living. My software is the result of many years of hard and dedicated work, often seven days a week, and I spend much time helping users of the paid and the free plugins achieve their goals.
    You can imagine how it feels now when people try to make money by parasitizing on my work. If you run your own business or try to make a living from your own work, you will surely understand my position.

If you installed a “nulled” version, I strongly recommend to uninstall it as soon as possible. (Plugins with “backdoors” are still a risk after you just deactivated them.)

Try the officially free version of the plugin. It offers great features and you can trust the code. Just check out the reviews.

Thank you for your support and understanding!