Tag List – Shortcode Parameters

This is a feature of the free and the premium plugins. Tag Groups Premium Tag Groups free

Note: This shortcode is also available as Gutenberg block. You can configure the block without using any code or parameters. Read more about the block options.

If you don’t know what is a shortcode and how to use it, you first may want to read this article.



Data Types

  • string: A text. For identifiers that won’t be visible to visitors you often have to replace spaces with _ or -. If the string contains spaces, you need to wrap it in quotes.
  • integer: A number without decimal places.
  • 0 or 1: 0 turns the feature off and 1 on.


ParameterDefaultPossible ValuesDescription
add_premium_filter0 (false)0 or 1Modifies the URL – for the case that you use the same tag in various groups.
amount0 (no limit)integernumber of tags to display
appendappend to the tag; placeholder: {count} for post count
assigned_classclass for assigned tags
column_count2integernumber of columns
column_gap10pxstringgap between columns
custom_titletooltip title; placeholder: {count} for post count
exclude_termscomma-separated list of IDstags that should not appear
group_in_class0 (false)0 or 1whether to add information about the groups into the class attribute
groups_post_id-1 (inactive)integerID of a post that the tags should be take from. 0 tries to get current post.
h_level3integer<h3></h3>, <h4></h4>, … of the headings
hide_empty_content0 (false)0 or 1hide headings without tags
hide_empty1 (true)0 or 1hide tags with post count zero
includeallcomma-separated list of group IDsgroups to include
include_termscomma-separated list of tag IDstags to include
keep_together1 (true)0 or 1whether to keep headings and tag block together
largest12integermax. font size in pt
link_target_blank, _top, _self
link_appendappend query to the link
not_assigned_namenot assignedlets you choose a custom name for not-assigned tags
orderASCASC or DESCascending or descending order
orderbynameby what to order the tags:
‘name’, ‘natural’, ‘slug’, ‘term_group’, ‘term_id’, ‘id’, ‘description’, ‘count’
prependprepend to the tag; placeholder: {count} for post count
show_not_assigned0 (false)0 or 1whether to show tags that are not assigned to any group
show_all_groups0 (false)0 or 1whether to show also empty groups
show_tag_count1 (true)0 or 1
smallest12integermin. font size in pt
tags_post_id-1 (not used)integerUse post ID or zero for current post.
taxonomyall selected in the settingscomma-separated list

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