Tag Groups Info – Shortcode Parameters

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If you don’t know what is a shortcode and how to use it, you first may want to read this article.




[tag_groups_info group_id=3 info=label]

Data Types

  • string: A text. For identifiers that won’t be visible to visitors you often have to replace spaces with _ or -. If the string contains spaces, you need to wrap it in quotes.
  • integer: A number without decimal places.
  • 0 or 1: 0 turns the feature off and 1 on.



Determines which groups to display. If you select more than one group, the result will be displayed in a table.

accepted valuesdefaultexample shortcode
One group ID, a comma-separated list of IDs or the keyword “all”allgroup_id=1,3,6


Restrict the information only to these taxonomies. Available are only taxonomies that have been activated in the Settings.

accepted valuesdefaultexample shortcode
comma-separated list of taxonomy namesTaxonomies selected in the settings under “Basics”.taxonomy=post_tag,product_tag


Value for id in the enclosing <table>, <span> or <a> element.

accepted valuesdefaultexample shortcode


Value for class in the enclosing <table>, <span> or <a> element.

accepted valuesdefaultexample shortcode


Determines which kind of information to display.

accepted valuesdefaultexample shortcode
string, one of the options below“number_of_tags”info=label

Possible values

number_of_tagsShows the number of assigned tags. For a single tag group, the output is only a number. For multiple tag groups, the output is a table with the group names on the left side.
labelShows the label (name) of this group, or a table of group names for multiple groups.
link(only available in the premium version)