Tag Clouds

Let’s assume you already have tag groups and you have assigned some or all tags to these groups. Let’s now display them in a tag cloud that shows the tags sorted by these groups.

The free plugin comes with three types of tag clouds:

  1. A tabbed tag cloud where each group has its own tab.
  2. An accordion where each group can be opened and closed vertically.
  3. A tabbed tag cloud where tags are sorted under tabs with their first letters. This tag cloud doesn’t use any of the groups that you have created in the backend.
Tag Cloud with tabs
Example of the tabbed tag cloud. Theme: “Blitzer”
Tag Cloud in an Accordion
Tag Cloud in an Accordion
WordPress tag cloud first letters
Tag cloud under automatically generated tabs.

You create these tag clouds in a post, page or widget either by inserting a shortcode1 or directly by hard-coding them into a WordPress theme.2

If you have Gutenberg installed, you can insert blocks and configure them directly in the inspector.3


The parameters are listed in the documentation of the premium plugin:

  1. for the tabbed tag cloud
  2. for the accordion tag cloud
  3. for the alphabetical tag cloud
  4. for the tag groups info
  1. Read more about shortcodes here.
  2. If you do so, it is recommended to create a child theme first. Otherwise your edits will be overwritten next time you update that theme.
  3. The alphabetical tag cloud is not yet available as block.