Feature Overview (Free Version)

Let’s now get an overview of what you can do with Tag Groups on the frontend and where to find it in the documentation.

Tag clouds

Tag clouds are a part of most WordPress sites: They display a selection of tags, which are actually tag names with links. These link leads to another page where all posts are listed that use that particular tag.

Tag Groups comes with own tag clouds where tags are organized in groups – exactly the way how you organize them in the back end.

Tabbed Tag CloudTags appear under tabs. Each tab represents a tag group and can be selected.
Accordion Tag CloudTags appear under vertically stacked panels that can be opened and closed. Each panel header shows a tag group.
Alphabetical Tag CloudThis is a special type because here the tags are not organized by groups but by their first letters.alphabetical tag cloud

Tag lists

You can also list your tags in an index.

Tag ListTags appear as a list under group names as headings. The list can be formatted in columns.tag list
Alphabetical Tag IndexTags appear as a list under first letters as headings. The list can be formatted in columns.alphabetical tag index


You can also display group information by inserting a shortcode.

Go ahead and try

All front end features only display things. They don’t change any data. You can therefore safely create a test page and play around.

Need more features?

Check out the feature overview of the premium plugin.

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