Tag Cloud Search – Gutenberg Block

This is a feature of the Premium plan. Tag Groups Premium

Block Options

The following options appear in the editor side panel after you selected a block.


Class name used in the tag cloud(s)

The same name must be used in a tag cloud.

This is the only mandatory parameter. Enter here the same class name (selector) that you use in the tag cloud as “div class” (or “table class”). Example:


This class name creates the connection between the search field and one or more tag clouds.

The same names, separated by spaces.

If you also need other class names in the tag cloud, you simply enter all of them in the tag cloud as “div class”, separated by spaces. Example:

green-tags other-styling searchable-tag-cloud

In the Tag Cloud Search block you enter only “searchable-tag-cloud-1” – just the part that makes the connection.

Labels and Messages


An optional label, displayed above or left of the input field.


The text that appears in the empty input field.

Advanced Styling

div class

You can use this to access the input field with CSS.