How do I buy the Tag Groups Premium plugin?

It is recommended that you first install the free Tag Groups plugin. You find it among the plugins at More details about the installation is available here.

Please consider using the free trial option before you buy. That way you can make sure that all features work on your site together with your other plugins and themes and you can check which customizations are possible out of the box. Start the trial on the “Premium” page in the Tag Groups Settings.

For the purchase go to the “Upgrade” page in the Tag Groups settings where you choose a plan and a subscription option.

The purchase transaction is handled by Freemius. After completion you will receive a license code and a link where you can download the ZIP file of the premium plugin.

Then you need to upload and install the ZIP file and activate the license with the license code. Freemius will also send you a link to your customer account where you can manage your licenses and purchases and, for example, transfer the license to another web site.

If you chose a recurring subscription, you will receive a reminder by Freemius before a new subscription cycle starts. Please make sure that during purchase you provide a valid email address that you can access throughout the subscription period.

Directly to the premium plugin

Instead of installing the free plugin, you can also select a plan on this page and complete the purchase. Then you download the premium plugin as a ZIP file and activate the license on a site.

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