Can we use Tag Groups Premium as agency for our clients?

Yes, and we even offer several functions that were designed to make your work easier:

1. We offer quantity discounts

When you check out you will be able to set the number of sites that this license will be valid for. You will immediately see the savings as percentage.

2. Development sites don’t count against the site quota

It is always possible to move a license from a development/staging site to a production site. To save you this trouble, however, you can develop the client’s site on a URL that uses certain strings in the domain or subdomain name, such as That way the development site will be automatically recognized and it won’t count against the quota of sites that your license is valid for. That means that a development site and its installation for production only count as one site.

The list of all recognized TLDs and subdomains is available on this page.

3. Hide the license key and purchase information on your clients’ sites

In your account (which you don’t want to share with your clients) you can activate a setting that hides the license key and other information about the purchase on your clients’ sites.

Learn more about the White Label Mode.

4. Restrict the license to one URL

Also in your account you can restrict the usage of a license to a certain URL. That way you can prevent that a client moves or sells a license without your knowledge, which would deactivate the license on the site that you created.

Learn more about URL Whitelisting.

Note: Please remember that we send emails about the purchase, your account and – if applicable – renewals to the address that you provide during your purchase. It is therefore important to make sure that the recipient understands what is going on and, in the case of subscriptions, can make sure that the payment information stays up-to-date even in the following years.