Can I still use the software after the license expired?

Even after a yearly license expired, you can use all previously paid features of the Tag Groups plugin. You won’t, however, be able to install updates or use our premium support unless you extend the license with a new subscription.

Since WordPress issues a new version of its core package every few months, it is recommended to regularly update all plugins to an officially compatible version.

In a nutshell

  • Subscription: When you buy a license, you decide to pay yearly or a one-time fixed amount (lifetime). Yearly subscriptions auto-renew unless you cancel them. “Lifetime” refers to the availability of the corresponding product.
  • License: A license can be valid for one or more websites. On a multisite installation, each site counts against the quota. Licenses can be moved to other websites. Licenses cannot be canceled, but deactivated per site.
    If you cancel a subscription, the corresponding license will continue to be valid until the end of the paid period. Even after the license has expired, the plugin will keep its previous features but you won’t be able to receive updates and support.
  • Trials: A trial will automatically convert into a paid subscription or a one-time payment for a lifetime license after the trial period has expired, unless you cancel the subscription before the expiration. Just removing the plugin from your server or deactivating the license is not sufficient, because you might just move your license to another site or test your site.
    You can manage your subscriptions in your user account.