Instead of the tag cloud the page just renders an empty space

This is usually the result of a JavaScript error on that page. It can be caused by any active plugin or theme on your site.

First, add the following shortcode into the post or page and preview it:

[tag_groups_cloud hide_empty=0 delay=0]

If you see your groups and tags, but not arranged in tabs, then this is indeed a JavaScript error. Please try the following:

  • Check if you use plugins that minimize or combine JavaScript (Autoptimize, Total Cache and others). Make sure that jQuery is loaded early or even excluded from the processed JavaScript libraries. Turn off all processing of JavaScript, clear the cache and reload the page.
  • Open the Console in your browser, reload the page and check for error messages that give a hint about where the error was caused.
  • Disable other plugins and check, it the tag cloud now renders correctly. If yes, enable the plugins again one-by-one and keep reloading the page in order to find out where it breaks.

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