I don’t see any or all posts

If you click on a tag or select a tag in the Dynamic Post Filter and don’t see any or all posts, there can be various reasons:

  1. Please make sure that these posts are published.
  2. Check that the posts have the correct post type. In the Tag Groups settings you will find the submenu Taxonomies where you can select the taxonomy for that post type. By default we use Tags (post_tag). If you have selected anything else, for example Product tags (product_tag) , you will need to use that same taxonomy again in the shortcode (or Gutenberg block). This is simply done with the parameter taxonomy followed by the identifier of that Taxonomy1, for example: taxonomy=”product_tag”
  3. Sometimes it happens that the plugin was not able to process all your posts in order to update the information about tags and tag groups. You can solve that problem by going to the Tag Groups settings, to the submenu Troubleshooting, and the First Aid tab, where you can try the buttons.


  1. That is the name in small letters with underscores.[]