How can I change the colors and other styling?

In order to customize the styling you will need some knowledge about CSS. Your web designer will be able to assist you if this is beyond your skills.

There are some themes that work out of the box by adding the name of the class as “div_class” (or “table_class”) parameter. You can find more information and examples in this article.

For further customization you can start out from one of these definitions.

  1. Download the file from /vendor/tag-groups-premium/assets/css/frontend.css and search for the chapter that you need. For example Shufflebox Themes or Tag cloud themes.
  2. Copy the block for one definition, e.g. everything that starts with the identifier (class name) “.tag-groups-theme-green”. You can paste it into the CSS editor of the WordPress Customizer, or you create a child theme and paste it into its style.css file.
  3. It is recommended to rename all occurrences of the identifier (class name) to something unique, for example “.tag-groups-theme-green-new”. You will also have to use the same new name in the shortcode for “div_class” (or “table_class”).
  4. Now you can edit the colors or other styling. If you are using the Customizer on the page where the shortcode is rendered, you can see the new styling live while you edit. If you use a child theme, you will need to reload the page after you saved the file style.css.
  5. In the Customizer, press the “Publish” button. Don’t forget to clear the cache if you use a plugin for caching.