Where can I get customization of the plugin code?

Because of its license, it is possible to change the code and customize the functionality of this plugin. Web designers can also modify the CSS in order to change the layout or adapt the fonts or colors to your site.

It is strongly recommended to use the assistance of an expert who makes sure that

  • you will be able to update the plugin without losing the changes; and
  • additional code will not throw errors when Tag Groups is temporarily deactivated (e.g. during updates or testing).

How to find a WordPress developer?

WordPress is the most popular software to build websites. Therefore a huge choice of experts is specialized on customizing plugins and themes.

We recommend you start browsing developers and web designers Codeable or at Fivver.

Can I share the code with my developer?

If you have a valid license, you can send them the code. The ZIP file is available from your Freemius account.

Your developer will be able to use your license key to activate the plugin on their development server. The URL of that server has to follow a pattern as described in this article.

See also the resources for developers.